The CrossFit Open at Dioxide

The CrossFit Open at Dioxide

By Justin Duguay –

It’s here!
The largest, most inclusive fitness event in the world…

We interrupt all the motivational open messages, the trembling nerves and quite possibly tears to bring you some quick logistics.

We are expecting our greatest open turnout to date, which means our community is bigger and stronger than ever and we need to step up our game. The Dioxide Open Schedule will be as follows:

Thursday Open Announcement (hosted at gym): 8pm-9pm
Friday Open Heats: 8pm-9pm
Saturday Open Heats: 9am-2pm (potentially later depending on workout duration)
Sunday Open Heats: 11am-2pm

If you require specific timing for your open workout, please let me know in advance. Otherwise, I will be organizing the heats and times on Friday mid-morning and have them sent out by 2pm. One you receive your heat time, there’s only one thing we need from you (the same thing my wife told me on our wedding day):

Just show up on time 😃

When you arrive for your Open workout this year, we will have your warm up recommendation posted in Zen Planner, please take it upon yourself to execute.
Once you are warm and your heat time is called, we will have your judge ready (and smiling, mostly because they’re not doing the workout in that moment). We’ll brief you on the workout, the standards, make sure you are settled and informed, then…

3, 2, 1, go!

Great! You’ve crushed the workout and left behind a bit of your soul…. Now what?

Now the judge will hand you your scoring slip, you will sign off and I will input your result into Zen Planner. From there, it is YOUR responsibility to enter your score into your CrossFit Games profile, this must be done BEFORE 8pm on Monday each week. Then, it is MY responsibility to validate your scores. I will cross-reference scoring with Zen Planner to guarantee accuracy.

The CrossFit Games Open is 5 weeks in duration. It begins Thursday, February 22nd and concludes with the final workout submission deadline on Monday, March 26th.

Now that we have taken care of the logistics, here is a fiery 2016 open sting from our Media man, Joe.

Here we go, team!

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